Apple Watch

With a variety of fitness trackers available on the market we are spoilt for choice. 

For me personally there was only ever going to be one, I fell in love with it before it was released and I’ve remained faithful as each new series has been released. My heart belongs to The Apple Watch. 

I love the sleek design and the interchangeable straps. The sports bands and Velcro straps are perfect for when I’m exercising and with a quick change to my Milanese strap I have a smart watch for when the occasion arises.  

With each new release the Apple Watch has ticked another box for me. As an occasional swimmer I was delighted when they announced that the Series 2 would be waterproof, this meant I could track my indoor pool swims using the activity app.  Series 2 also came with built in GPS, I could go out for a run without having to take my iPhone with me. 

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better Series 3 was released with cellular. Now I can make and receive calls and text messages with my Apple Watch Series 3 without having to take my iPhone with me, a great feature for the safety conscious. 

As well as a fitness tracker that continuously tracks your heart rate, it calculates calories burned and your daily step count.  

Apple encourages a healthy lifestyle and will challenge you to close three rings in the activity app. Close your Move, Stand and Exercise Rings to complete your day and receive awards on your iPhone. 

With a multitude of apps that can run on your Apple Watch this is not just for when you’re exercising but will support you during your days whether you are working or resting. 

Visit The AppleStore for the full range of watches and accessories.

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