80 Day Obsession

On January 15th 2018 I started 80 Day Obsession on BeachBody on Demand. I was unsure on many things, would I be able to do it, complete it and would I like it?

In the past I’ve always trained at the gym so to now exercise on my own at home I was unsure of how it would go.

I surprised myself and really enjoyed it.

Equipped with my dumbbells, sliders and resistance loops I embraced each and every workout. Every day came with a new workout, Booty Day, Leg Day, Cardio Flow and more, I lifted, squatted, lunged and burpeed, I pressed up, I jumped down and I touched the ground. My body fat dropped, my strength, fitness and confidence grew and I achieved results I never thought I could achieve working out at home. I finished 80 Day Obsession and ‘I Finished Strong’

The additional benefit to subscribing to BeachBody on Demand is I can exercise when I’m away from home.

No gym membership……no problem.


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