Endless Backpack

I have small backpacks, medium backpacks and backpacks big enough to put a suitcase in. What I’ve been searching for is a backpack that can adapt to my needs according to the activity. Something that is small enough when I only have minimal items to carry but will also hold my fleece, jacket and various other items.

Endless Backpack from COMPRESSPORT

This is it. I’ve used it on my Sunday morning walk carrying my keys, purse, snacks and water bottle. I’ve used it whilst out riding my bike carrying my fleece, waterproof jacket and other essentials. The biggest test for me to determine if it was the best backpack was in the planning for my walk up Ben Nevis in Scotland.

The Endless Backpack had to hold a fleece, waterproof jacket and trousers, hat, scarf, gloves and flask and a few smaller items. The items needed for my latest event were piled neatly next to the Endless Backpack and at first I was doubtful as to whether it would all fit, another important factor that I had to consider was would it be comfortable.

The Endless Backpack claims to ‘stretch up to 20 times its usual size. Minimal, it folds itself easily into a pocket when emptied. This backpack matches all your needs whether you are sporting, travelling or going shopping’.

On testing I have found this to be an excellent backpack, it is compact and convenient when a small bag is needed and with its ‘3D extensor technology’  it will stretch to hold your belongings without stretching your purse.

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