Ninja Warrior UK

Ninja Warrior UK, one of the best Saturday night programmes on British tv.

For years I’ve tuned in to watch the strong, fit and fearless attempt the course that challenges strength, stamina and speed. I’ve laughed at the fancy dress costumes, I’ve gasped at the falls and cheered for the successful contestants as they run up The Warped Wall to hit the red button.

In April 2018 my excitement for the show multiplied as I was running the course!!!

I applied for the show in 2017 along with over 10,000 other people, from that impressive amount of applicants 1,000 were called for an audition. I was one of the lucky ones to be invited along. From the 1,000 auditioned 200 were chosen for the show and I was one of them.

I had a 50/50 split of nerves and excitement, Some obstacles looked possible, some looked impossible and as for the Warped Wall…….come on I’m 4’ 11”.

I was extremely happy with my strength and fitness, after spending months swinging on the bars in the local children’s park I had gained confidence with any obstacle that involved swinging and holding my body weight. I practised jumping from platforms at a local training centre for the first obstacle on the course, I kept telling myself ‘as long as I don’t fall in on the first bit!’.

I travelled up to Manchester with my nearest and dearest for the filming of my heat, the image of my hand on that red button stayed at the front of my mind, the cheers from the audience ringing in my ears and Ben Shepard calling out my name!

I met my fellow contestants, they were tall, fit and strong. They were professional climbers, parkour runners and athletes. I felt like the little mum that had taken up a dare for a free Chinese takeaway.

After being walked along the course and told the best way to approach each obstacle it actually sank in, me….little ole me was going to attempt the course that I’ve watched at home, in the comfort of my home, on my cosy sofa for years.

A group photograph was taken then a list was displayed given the order of contestants, I was number five. I had time to watch one person on their run then my warm up.

Then it was my time, I was called along with three other contestants to wait at the side of the course, I wasn’t sure if it was cold or just my nerves but my legs were shaking like a cocktail shaker in a stressed barmans hand.

Before I knew it I was there, on the starting platform,. Would I remember the pose I had decided on and practised in front of the mirror like a nervous teenager preparing for a first date or would I freeze like a rabbit caught in headlights?

Beep….beep….beeeeeep. I smiled, I bounced, I wiggled my arms almost uncontrollably.

“Come on Tracey!” a voice shouted from the audience, was that a cheer of support or a reminder that I wasn’t there to just grin and fidget like an excited child in the queue for the ice-cream van, I had a job to do, I had the Ninja Warrior course to run.

I jumped,  landed and I smiled, the crowd cheered. I turned to position myself in preparation for the next jump, the next flatform increased in height. Ready….steady….jump! I landed safely and prepared myself for the next leap across the water. I launched myself up and across but unfortunately not with enough force. I landed on the toes of my right foot and down I went. With a splash I hit the water, still smiling my attempt of Ninja Warrior UK was over.

It was an experience I’ll never forget, next time I’m sitting at home watching Ninja Warrior UK on my television I will have so much respect for every single contestant that makes it onto the starting platform.






Watch my run here

Endless Backpack

I have small backpacks, medium backpacks and backpacks big enough to put a suitcase in. What I’ve been searching for is a backpack that can adapt to my needs according to the activity. Something that is small enough when I only have minimal items to carry but will also hold my fleece, jacket and various other items.

Endless Backpack from COMPRESSPORT

This is it. I’ve used it on my Sunday morning walk carrying my keys, purse, snacks and water bottle. I’ve used it whilst out riding my bike carrying my fleece, waterproof jacket and other essentials. The biggest test for me to determine if it was the best backpack was in the planning for my walk up Ben Nevis in Scotland.

The Endless Backpack had to hold a fleece, waterproof jacket and trousers, hat, scarf, gloves and flask and a few smaller items. The items needed for my latest event were piled neatly next to the Endless Backpack and at first I was doubtful as to whether it would all fit, another important factor that I had to consider was would it be comfortable.

The Endless Backpack claims to ‘stretch up to 20 times its usual size. Minimal, it folds itself easily into a pocket when emptied. This backpack matches all your needs whether you are sporting, travelling or going shopping’.

On testing I have found this to be an excellent backpack, it is compact and convenient when a small bag is needed and with its ‘3D extensor technology’  it will stretch to hold your belongings without stretching your purse.

Visit backpack

Apple Watch

With a variety of fitness trackers available on the market we are spoilt for choice. 

For me personally there was only ever going to be one, I fell in love with it before it was released and I’ve remained faithful as each new series has been released. My heart belongs to The Apple Watch. 

I love the sleek design and the interchangeable straps. The sports bands and Velcro straps are perfect for when I’m exercising and with a quick change to my Milanese strap I have a smart watch for when the occasion arises.  

With each new release the Apple Watch has ticked another box for me. As an occasional swimmer I was delighted when they announced that the Series 2 would be waterproof, this meant I could track my indoor pool swims using the activity app.  Series 2 also came with built in GPS, I could go out for a run without having to take my iPhone with me. 

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better Series 3 was released with cellular. Now I can make and receive calls and text messages with my Apple Watch Series 3 without having to take my iPhone with me, a great feature for the safety conscious. 

As well as a fitness tracker that continuously tracks your heart rate, it calculates calories burned and your daily step count.  

Apple encourages a healthy lifestyle and will challenge you to close three rings in the activity app. Close your Move, Stand and Exercise Rings to complete your day and receive awards on your iPhone. 

With a multitude of apps that can run on your Apple Watch this is not just for when you’re exercising but will support you during your days whether you are working or resting. 

Visit The AppleStore for the full range of watches and accessories.